• Construction Materials

    Brisa Encina will incorporate the latest construction materials and techniques to ensure that it is an environmentally friendly addition to the surrounding community. The construction will employ the latest fire-safety, seismic-safety and indoor air purification standards. Wherever possible, we will also use sustainable or recycled building materials.

  • Safety

    Safety is a principal concern. Residents and staff of Brisa Encina will be able to shelter in place in a safe room instead of being transported offsite should an emergency occur and, therefore, will not impact the exit routes of the surrounding neighborhoods. Back-up batteries and a generator onsite will power the fire detection, alarm and suppression systems, lights and a centralized communication system in the event of an emergency – enhancing overall community safety.

  • Transportation for Residents

    Typically, most residents at residential care communities do not have cars and therefore the parking lots are nearly empty except for employee and support-staff vehicles.  Since most residents don’t drive, Brisa Encina will have its own van to transport residents.  Also, the site is located across the street from the COLT Bus route with hourly pick-up and drop-off services from approximately 7 am to 7 pm daily. Traffic studies of residential care communities, as well as real world experiences, have consistently shown that they have a negligible impact on local traffic and produce less vehicle trips than any other use that is permitted in any zoning classification. We will have a traffic study prepared for this project which will be accessible to the public for review.

  • Applicants

    Applicants who apply to reside at Brisa Encina must satisfy three eligibility requirements: they must be lower-income (earn less than $3,510 per month), they must be disabled as defined by California state law, and they must benefit from at least some of the services available on site, such as assistance with meal preparation, occupational therapy, counseling, medication.