Welcome to Brisa Encina

Mission Hills, California

About Brisa Encina

Located in Mission Hills, California: Brisa Encina (Oak Breeze) is conceived as a residential care community proposed on a portion of a 3.56-acre vacant parcel in the neighborhood of Mission Hills. The project is comprised of seventy (70) small but fully independent residences (with a kitchen and full bath), a free-standing common dining room with a commercial kitchen, and a free-standing support services building containing offices, common meeting room and recreation areas.

The Historic Design of Brisa Encina

Award-winning architects, RRM Design Group, used the nearby historic La Purisima Mission as the inspiration for the project’s design aesthetic.  As a result, the project incorporates low-profile and single-story structures, arches, decorative tile accents throughout, and mission tiles on the roof. The major visual element of development will be a central courtyard with two prominent oak trees and a decorative water fountain.  Both the oak trees and the fountain will be up-lit at night and visible to the public from Burton Mesa Boulevard.  The fountain will use recirculated water.

Best Practices at Brisa Encina

  • Fire Resistant Building Design

    Under the current adopted County codes and standards, the exterior surfaces of new construction, such as Brisa Encina, must be protected from range-land fire by using stucco and tile exteriors, minimizing wood siding and combustible elements, and using fire-rated windows and exterior doors.   New developments over 5,000 square feet (which includes this project) must also provide interior automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire and smoke monitoring systems, and automatic notification and alarms. Back-up batteries and an onsite generator will ensure that these systems work during a power outage, which often accompanies a fire. Additionally, we will be required to plant and maintain low-hazard landscaping to further reduce fire dangers into the future.

  • Energy Conservation

    The design team aims to promote energy conservation by installing photo voltaic solar panels with the ultimate goal of being net zero in energy consumption. The solar panels are to be placed mainly on the south-facing roof slopes, so they will not be visible from within the project or from the adjacent roadways. Additionally, this community will have charging stations for electric vehicles in the parking lots and interior charging stations for residents with mobility assisting devices. As with all of our projects, we will be mindful of our trash impacts by facilitating an in-house recycling program.

  • Drought Tolerant and Fire Resistant Landscaping

    Brisa Encina will feature mainly xeriscape drought-tolerant plants which will also serve to resist rather than fuel a fire.  The xeriscape will be punctuated with vegetation to match the palate of the nearby California Mission including olive, oak and pepper trees and mission wine grapes.  The minimal irrigation necessary to support all vegetation on site will be irrigated using treated grey water systems and drip lines.